About Us

Passionate about Ireland, our products are designed to showcase in a small way, the true Ireland! The products available from Ireland's Eye and those we’ve created ourselves, are a culmination of hard work and dedication from Irish led designers, craftspeople and producers.

Knowing the wealth of Irish craftsmanship that there is throughout our island, we aim to showcase that talent and expertise to the world.

As lovers of all things Irish - an teanga (Irish language), culture, craic agus ceoil, Ireland's Eye enjoys na scéalta (stories) that are told around the Island, often carried from generation to generation, we love meeting people, making new friends and supporting other Irish businesses.

Many of the products and brands featured by Ireland's Eye are rooted in Irish history. Some are second and third generation family businesses who have passed down their trade while others are relatively new enterprises and equally talented, often painstaking spending hours hand-making their wares to bring you the finest produce.