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'Rachel Dubber' aprons are designed to be like those that our grandmother used - stylish, durable, practical and functional.

This apron features the signature donkey, M’asal Beag Dubh, the little Connemara Donkey which was the first in the collection. It is the ideal unique any occasion gift for the animal lover, aspiring baker or chef in the family.

This is an environmentally kind product. It is handmade and printed using eco-friendly water based inks, giving this apron a soft vintage feel.

The word apron immediately conjures images of our grandmother. Always elegantly clad, it went on at the start of the day, protecting clothes, providing drying for  hands, doubling as a hammock for carrying eggs, garden produces, turf and treats for the hens. They also dried tears both hers and ours, at the end of a productive day it was washed and hung over the range to dry.

This little donkey is a reminder of growing up in rural Ireland. Feeding the neighbours donkey with carrots attempting to bribe her to gallop around the field like a fine horse. Needless to say she was far smarter!



  • 100% Natural Cotton
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Machine wash 30 degrees
  • Eco friendly, reusable, biodegradable
  • Each apron features an original portrait of the much loved Connemara Donkey M’asal Beag Dubh.